Steve Boyd

I am the founder and coach of the Physi-Kult running group. I have competed at the elite level from high-school to masters (over 40), a period of some 30 years. As an open performer, I was a three-time Canadian champion on the road, X-C and track with personal bests of 13:46 for 5k, 28:41 for 10k, 1:03:36 for Half Marathon and 2:17:28 for the marathon, all after the age of 30.

As a masters competitor (now in the 45-49 category), I have recorded personal bests of 14:42 (road), 30:23 (road) and 1:05:42 and many wins in top races across North America, including the Bloomsday 12k, the Utica Boilermaker 15k, and the Vancouver Sun Run 10k. I am also a 2 time Canadian masters cross country champion. As a keen, lifelong student of the sport, I have coached and/or advised runners throughout my career, eventually establishing Physi-Kult in 2000 as a formal coaching vehicle.

Although I have had a degree of competitive success in my career, my attachment to the sport is based much more on my love of the process of striving to become as fast as I can relative to my inherent limitations, and on my enjoyment of the company of other athletes, whatever their age or relative ability, than on my desire for the trappings of competitive success. In short, I have been a relatively successful athlete because I have been a lifelong athlete; I have not been a lifelong athlete simply because of my competitive success. I have succeeded both because I persevered long enough to realize a great deal of my inherent potential, and because I measured my success not just in terms of races won, but in terms of the quality of the total experience of striving to be my best.

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