The Physi-Kult Running Group is a track and road racing club centered in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and is Athletics Canada affiliated. Its members range in age from 13 to 50 and include several top age class and senior elite competitors (see the “athletes” section above). Despite being in only its third year as full, all-ages club (the school-age division was added in 2007), and despite a relatively small membership, Physi-Kult was the 5th best club at the Ontario Provincial X-C Championships in 2008, and its junior boys team captured the silver medal at the 2009 National X-C Championships in Guelph, Ontario. The Physi-Kult masters men’s team was also Canadian Club Champion at the 2008 and 2009 X-C Championships in Guelph, Ontario.

While we warmly welcome all athletes from the Kingston/eastern Ontario region, membership in Physi-Kult is not confined to Kingston, Ontario area athletes. Out of town/province Canadian athletes training under the supervision of coach Steve Boyd may register with their provincial bodies as full members of the club at no extra charge (i.e. beyond their basic coaching fees).