Although I began coaching as an exclusively face-to-face affair, I have since learned that mutually successful partnerships are possible on-line. I have now developed an approach to on-line coaching that I think works very well, particularly for relatively mature, focused and goal-oriented athletes. My first experience with intensive, day-to-day on-line coaching was with Canadian marathoner Dylan Wykes, who ran his debut of 2:15:16 in 2008 at the age of 24, strictly on the basis of on-line collaboration.

I am now offering personalized on-line coaching on a selective basis to athletes of all ages and abilities interested in:
- accessing top level coaching without having to leave their home community and/or commute long distances to run   with a club;
- overcoming developmental impasses caused by injury or inappropriate programs;
- moving up in racing distance (e.g. from 5k/10k to the Half-Marathon/Marathon);
- or, simply becoming more serious and systematic in their approach to running.

I also specialize in the creation and supervision of marathon programs for 40+ year old runners who would like to try the distance, or who have tried it and would like to take their marathoning to the next level. In my experience, most 40+ marathoners, while they may be working hard, are often under-performing relative to their ability. I offer a proven approach to safely lower your current marathon performance, or make your first marathon experience a pleasant and rewarding one.

Finally, for a small fee, I offer one time consultations in which I review your current program and make suggestions for changes, big or small.

All of my regular programs are $75-90/month* with a 3 month minimum commitment and include:

- detailed personal evaluations based on running history, goals, and, where provided, video analysis;
- program overviews and detailed, personalized weekly programs sent directly to athletes;
- brief feedback following each structured session;
- expert advice on overcoming and coping with injuries;
- and, detailed instructions on final race prep and execution.

*I offer a sliding scale based on ability to pay for students, retirees, and those of lower income.

Note: While I work enthusiastically work with athletes of all ages and abilities, I deliberately restrict the number of athletes with whom I work in order to ensure personalized supervision. I do not use standardized forms or templates for mass dissemination, or generate automated feedback responses. Coaching is not an assembly-line operation for me. I personally construct and oversee all programs. Please click the “Testimonials” tab for references from current and past Physi-Kult athletes.

To inquire about becoming a Physi-Kult athlete, please contact me at: