Testimonials from current and former Physi-KULT athletes.
Rick Haas

Member since 2012

After multiple failed attempts to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I decided to enlist the help of an online coach. A local running group recommended Steve to me. After only sixteen weeks of his coaching, I beat my PB by 30 minutes and qualified for Boston. His encouragement, support and attention to detail helped me to achieve my goal.

As an age group runner, husband, father of two young boys, and a business owner, time with my family is a priority. Steve’s methods helped ensure that the hours spent training were quality ones. I feel privileged to have him as my coach and hope to continue the partnership for many years to come.

Kevin Coffey

Member since 2012

I feel honoured to be coached by Steve Boyd. He brings the insight of being a top end athlete. He has lived it. It is clear that his outstanding coaching has been shaped by his own race experience and years of training elite athletes.

At the end of last year, I was getting fed up with having little direction in the sport of running. I felt as though my running fitness had hit its peak. Steve started to coach me at the beginning of 2012. I have become stronger mentally and physically during my races and workouts. His programs put you in the right shape for the race you are going into. And, he seems to always keep you guessing about the next workout!

Thanks, Steve!

Yves Filion

Member since 2010
At the age of 35, I decided to return to running after 18 years away from the sport. My high school career was marked by injuries and overtraining mostly because I didn't benefit from proper coaching.

I sought Steve's coaching expertise to avoid the mistakes of the past. Since starting with Steve in Jan 2010, my 5k race times have been in free fall (from 21 min to 17:30 min) and they continue to fall. Steve draws from a lifetime of running knowledge and experience and brings a very positive attitude to coaching athletes. He has an uncanny ability to deal effectively with the inevitable running injuries and get back you back on the road in good time. Perhaps best of all, Steve is wonderfully sympathetic of the pressures and constraints that masters athletes with demanding careers face. Thank you Steve!

Emily Tallen

I truly feel blessed to have a coach like Steve and an incredibly motivating and supportive training group to run with too!
After finishing up 4 years of running in NCAA for Providence College, I threw my spikes in the trash bin and called it quits. I just figured I wasn’t meant to run as I had 4 stress fractures, difficulty controlling my asthma and plantar fasciitis - all in the span of 4 years. I started helping out with the LCVI XC team where I met my current training partner, Pat McDermott. He encouraged me to talk to Steve Boyd, who coaches a group of runners under the name of Physi-Kult. A few years later, two to be exact, I decided I would run. Steve is an incredibly talented, intelligent and positive person. After a year of running under his program I was able to knock a full minute off of my 5km road time and 40 seconds off my 5km track PB.

Pat Mcdermott is also a huge help to me. He’s a very talented and experienced master’s runner who knows a lot about the sport. He keeps me on my toes in workouts and gets me out the door on those days when I don’t feel like running.

Paula Wiltse
Member from 2002-08

Steve Boyd is probably one of the top coaches in North America
Through Steve's knowledge and dedication as a coach I was able to far surpass goals I had set for myself. As a elite runner formerly coached by Steve I still apply his principals to my everyday training. The one thing I miss most about training with the Physi-Kult group is the love for running that everyone shares. Each member supports and can challenge you on the days when you need it most. My love and passion for running continues on thanks to Steve.
Dylan Wykes

Steve's coaching is great. He's developed his coaching philosophy and methods through a combination of an extensive knowledge of the physiology of running and, perhaps more importantly, through trial and error, using himself as a subject to test his training theories. His long and successful running career is evidence that his coaching works wonders. I also appreciate that his coaching does not change (much) regardless of whether he is coaching an international level runner, such as myself, or a local age-group runner. He brings the same amount of energy and enthusiasm to the coaching of each and every member of the group.

Being a member of the Physi-Kult running group is great for me. It's a refreshing and fun experience to attend a group workout and see runners from 14 - 60 years old and of varying abilities, putting all their energy into the sport.

Running is central to my life. Besides family and friends it is the most important aspect of my daily life. Many of my life goals are running related. For me, running serves as a great way to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Margarita Sviajine

Member Since 2002

I need a coach when running is good: Mentally easier to work hard when someone tells you to do so, than let your own mind to come up with a reasons for your own "punishment".

And mostly I need a coach for a positive reinforcement when things go NO Where. My favorite quotes so far:
"The races are fun, but they do chip away at your training a bit". (About my habit of racing a lot)
"The only way to REALLY lose fitness quickly is to stop running altogether, I think some people lose confidence faster than others, but not fitness." (About my fear of losing fitness during break times).
"You'd really miss it one day soon if you decided to let it go entirely". (During a passing moment of disappointment).

Fred Topham
Member Since 2003

When you commit to running, Steve will provide to you a program and a group/team setting that will make you run at a higher level.
We can all run faster. Steve will make you run fast longer. It works.

At 47, my last 5 years with Physi-Kult, have been the fastest and hardest training I’ve done. Totally Enjoyable.

Agathe Nicholson:

Member Since 2002

Steve is the best. He has been coaching me for over seven years now and I have never looked back. I have learned so much about myself and about the sport. From his positive attitude, his love for the sport combined with his in depth knowledge/experience of training/racing, I've performed some memorable races for myself. Particularly, my first marathon in PEC this past October. The training was hard, but his program worked flawlessly. I ran exactly what was predicted. He was also there, regardless of the result. He recognizes athlete’s strengths, makes us work hard and keeps us striving to be our best. He seems to knows what to say at the right moment in a workout or in a race. His sheer instinct for athletes is amazing. Above all, Steve always believes in us, especially at times when we don’t. He has always been there for me in the good moments and in the bad, and I am happy to say, the journey continues. The other members of the group are also close to my heart. They provide support and encouragement. We all understand each other through the commitment we share of the sport.

The experience of being a part of Physi-Kult, has given me strength, courage, self-esteem, youth (at 48) and last but not least, many good friendships.
Thanks Steve for taking me in so many years ago…………….Agathe

Rick Royce

Member Since 2003

As a recreational runner for 25+ years, the best thing I ever did for my running was join Steve’s group (Physi-Kult). Previous to joining the group, I felt my running was getting “stale”, with a lack of focus, and my racing times were getting slower and slower.

Steve helped me rediscover my love and passion for the sport. He is very good at inspiring people to be the best they can be, and he leads by example. Being a self-trained national class runner himself, he is all to willing to help others achieve their goals; whether you are an older age group runner, or young top-gun. The group work-outs are ideal, with a good sense of camaraderie. Everybody encourages each other in their training. It is also great to be around a group of people who are so positive about running, health, and life itself. Many of us have become good friends.

To paraphrase Steve, “we have a really good thing going here.” I think Steve’s group is the best kept running secret in Canada!!! I just hope Steve continues to do this for years to come.